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King and Queen of the Beach Ancestry Tree

Please send details of any missing previous Kings and Queens of the Beach

The King and Queen of the Beach began in 1996 as a small end of summer event when Denise and Nick Austin moved into their chalet in the village, with a phone line and address the event was born.

“Up until then we lived in a camper van for seven summers so we were of no fixed abode. It was an awesome summer so we wanted to just keep playing. It was all very last minute but I wont ever forget that first year. The Goldcoast event started a few years later and the event grew from one court to 24! Our club has grown because of the Goldcoast, it the single biggest fundraiser – and from having only me and my Nick competing we now have approx 150 club players who have grown up locally playing. We run junior events, and gifted and talented programmes to grow our club and every person who has played in the event supports that by paying to enter so thanks everyone!”

1996 Vanessa Malone

1997 Marissa Aceves

1998 Denise Austin



2001 Amanda ‘Mo’ Glover

2002 Denise Austin


2004 Denise Austin

2005 Denise Austin

2006 Denise Austin

2007 Denise Austin

2008 Denise Austin

2009 Denise Austin

2010 Gabi Medricka

2011 Denise Austin

2012 Denise Austin

2013 Denise Austin

2014 Lucy Boulton

2015 Anaya Evans

2016 Denise Austin

1996 Grant Purcey

1997 Joe Mildred

1998 Steve Fee


2000 James Burton-unless anyone tells me differently

2001 Colin Paterson

2002 James Burton-unless anyone tells me differently

2003 John Hedlund

2004 Aaron Stolberg

2005 Albrecht Glitz

2006 James Burton-unless anyone tells me differently

2007 James Burton-unless anyone tells me differently

2008 Barry McGuigan

2009 Richard Payne

2010 Daniel Maranhao

2011 Jake Sheaf

2012 Ryan Stout

2013 Martijn Stroo

2014 Carl Butcher

2015 Haydn Lawson

2016 Sam Dunbavin