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Junior King and Queen of the Beach FAQ

I have never played a King and Queen, how does it work?

Our competition is a little bit different in a few ways! Essentially, we want you to get as much volleyball as possible, at a similar standard to yourself, so this is our format! When you enter, we will get the information that you give us on your last results, as well as any ranking points from last year’s JVEBT, Sandbanks and VEBT. This will help us to seed you into divisions. On the Saturday morning you will be in a pool with three other players in your division, in the King & Queen of the Beach competition. You will then play three matches side out scoring to 15 pts, one with each player. The person who wins the most matches wins the pool is 1st in the pool, then next 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Then on Saturday afternoon we will use your ranking from the morning to put you in another group of 4 from within your division, so if you were 1st in the morning, you will play the other 3 1st places in your division. This will give you your final ranking from 1st-16th in your division.

How much does it cost?

£15 for Junior King and Queen

£10 if you are attending the Beach Peaks Camp

How do I enter?

Up until the deadline, you can enter via this link, on the Academy of Beach Sports website. After that, we may still have space, but it isn’t guaranteed.

Someone said we play different rules. True?

Yes, a couple of things are different. We play side out scoring. This is the old-school style of scoring, and means that you can only score a point on your serve. So if you keep trading points, the score will stay the same.
We use the new FIVB rulings on net touches.
Otherwise, any disputes or questions on rules will be cleared by tournament director Denise Austin.


How do the divisions work?

There are 16 players in each division.  We will then split the division into 4 pools of 4, that will play over two courts. Two pools share a court, the non-players ref! Everyone will have a seeding in the division, and this will decide who you are with in your pools. So the 1st, 8th,9th and 19th seeds will be in the same pool, as will the 2nd, 7th, 10th and 15th, etc. The winner of each division gets a prize.

I don’t have a partner can I still enter?

Yes! The King & Queen of the beach competition is singles anyway! We reserve the right to make it a mixed event and place sexes into the same pool in the final stages of the competition to enable more male to male/female to femals games to take place. 

Is there a limit on the number of players in the event?

There is a basic limit for of 112 male and 96 female. We may extend this, this all depends on entries!

How do I apply for a wild card?

If you think that based on last year’s results you will be ranked in a lower division than you should be, then please send an email to Denise Austin. There are max 4 wild cards per division. To allocate wild cards is a tricky business, we need as much information as possible, so if you haven’t filled in the results section of the entry form, or given us any details of your playing experience, then please don’t expect a wild card!


Do I get a playing top?

We are aiming to find sponsors, but cannot guarantee playing tops at this point.

How will I know which division I am playing in?

Once we have finished seeding, we will post the seedings  These are only provisional, and could change!

How will I know my entry has been accepted?

You should get an email to confirm payment from the Academy of Beach Sports. We will then post entrants to the website, You need to check if your name is on the entry list!

The entry deadline has already gone. Can I still enter?

Yes, please ring Denise Austin on 07773382305 and we will see what we can do!

I’m running late on the Friday. What do I do?

You MUST ring Tournament Director Denise Austin, on 07773382305. Failure to do so may mean that we decide that you have dropped out, and replace you with one of our Academy substitutes. If you tell us, we will hold on until you arrive!

Where & When is registration?

Registration is in the Ruda clubhouse. It’s dry, warm and not a bad place to go to in the morning, so please get there early! Then you can go and get your coffees, teas and breakfast from the restaurant/café if you need. You won’t have time otherwise!

Can you recommend somewhere to stay?

Accomodation books up really quickly, so you need to book in advance. We would recommend Ruda, which is run by our sponsors Parkdean-it’s the closest site to the competition, they offer camping, and for those that don’t like camping there are also static caravan cabins. Go to their website, Parkdean Holidays Website


It’s bad weather. Will the event be cancelled?

If you are taking the time to read this question, you probably haven’t been to the last couple of years! Unless we have a hurricane hitting Croyde, we won’t cancel the event. If the forecast does look a bit gnarly, then we suggest you bring skins, a good coat, a sense of humour and lots of changes of clothes!

Do I get ranking points?

This is not a ranking tournament. So no points will be awarded towards VEBT rankings.

Do I need food and drink?

That depends on you. There are places to buy food around, from the festival if you have a wristband or the village if you don’t but they will be pricey! We’d recommend you bring plenty of snacks and a big water bottle, and then you should be OK!

I have more questions, that aren’t answered here. Who do I talk to?

Get in touch with Denise, on 07773382305 

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