Club Organised Events

King & Queen of the Beach

The King and Queen of the Beach began in 1996 as a small end of summer event when Denise and Nick Austin moved into their chalet in the village, with a phone line and address - the event was born.

“It was an awesome summer so we wanted to just keep playing. It was all very last minute but I won’t ever forget that first year.” - Denise Austin

The Goldcoast festival "Oceanfest" started a few years later and our event grew from one court to 24!

Academy of Beach Sports has grown with Oceanfest, the King and Queen of the beach competition having over 150 competitors annually all vying for the unique Glass Trophies

Parkdean Resorts have been sponsoring the Event since 1998 with the winners of the King and Queen of the Beach receiving a free holiday in any one of their resorts around the UK. They are the owners of Croyde Beach and have been strong supporters of the Academy of Beach Sports since we began running our Club on Croyde Beach in 2004:

Junior King and Queen Of The Beach

This national event runs on our Croyde Beach courts and is a regular sell out. It s a great competition for the U18’s

The coveted glass head trophies go to the winners

This is the biggest event in the ABS calendar, and we invite you all to join us. Follow the link for our dedicated website:

Inter Regionals/Home Nations

Through our exceptional Director of Beach Competitions, Denise Austin, the ABS club organises these two national events each year. Currently hosted in Cardiff at the Cardif Beach Volleyball Club, these are fantastic events.

For more information please take the link to our dedicated website:

School Competitions

We organise both indoor and beach school competitions every year.

Highlights include: The Devon Schools Beach Volleyball Championships and The Devon Youth Games.