Membership Forms

Welcome to the online annual membership registration form page.

This form must be completed as soon as you join the club and annually thereafter. You will then be invoiced for club membership and all ongoing charges such as weekly sessions, team fees etc.

To be fair to everyone and in the spirit of the club we would like to have everyone training and playing with the club to be a registered and paid up member and protected by any insurances that may be in place. With this in mind the committee has agreed that if someone is not registered they will not be able to play or train.

With respect to paying for sessions these are currently invoiced at the end of the month after members have played and trained. We feel it only reasonable that these invoices be paid within 7 days.

Again we have adopted a no pay no play principle to these invoices. Hope this is all clear, please contact the treasurer or chair if you have any questions or problems with payments.

Follow the link(s) below for the registration form and fees.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation):  Academy of Beach Sports adheres to the GDPR regulations through our privacy policy.  If you contact us via the website or email your details will not be shared with any third party without your express consent.  Details will be retained no longer than 24 months from the last contact and will be removed from our secure database upon request at any time.